Shih-Lun (Sean) Wu

Class of '24, MLT @ School of CS, Carnegie Mellon University


Hello! I’m Shih-Lun. I’m studying towards M.Sc. of Language Technologies at CMU’s Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science. Currently, I’m working with Prof. Shinji Watanabe and Prof. Daniel Fried on Speech Enhancement and Multimodal Speech Recognition.

My undergraduate research focused on Language Model-based Music Generation, where I was advised by the wonderful Dr. Yi-Hsuan Yang. Feel free to listen to our model’s creative works here, or even compose with it! I’ve also worked with Prof. Chung-Wei Lin and Prof. Eunsuk Kang on Formal Verification under Weakly-hard Constraints.

Prior to joining CMU, I received my B.Sc. degree (in Computer Science) at National Taiwan University. Also, I’ve been with two vibrant Taiwanese AI R&D teams: Asus AICS Center, and Taiwan AI Labs, working as a software dev intern at first, and later as a research engineer.